Parents Couldn’t Afford To Rent A Gown For Daughter’s Prom Night, Brother Made Her One Instead

The bond between siblings can result in many forms. Just like baking your siblings a plate of snacks after a long day at school or perhaps hiding an ant underneath their bed covers to ignite the siblings-play mood, some siblings have, however, proven they can go above and beyond their call of duty

Let’s introduce you to Maverick Francisco Oyoa from the Philippines. Recently, Francisco amused the world with his fabulous winter ball gown design for his younger sister Lu Asey’s prom night.

With photos of the fairytale gown going all viral on numerous platforms, internet users are applauding Francisco.

Maverick Francisco Oyoa From The Philippines Created A Prom Dress For His Sister


Check Out His Initial Sketch!

His Parents Couldn’t Afford A Dress, So Maverick Stepped In To Make His Sister Happy

Maverick Equally Hand Pained The Bodice

He Purchased The Materials With The Assistance Of Some Generous Individuals

How The Dress Was Made



Almost Completed!




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