This woman encourages herself to others by normalizing a mustache

Women feel more dissatisfied with their bodies than men

SOCIAL MEDIA is a huge contribution to this. Most influencers, including celebrities, often share filtered photos of themselves and with the emergence of several photo editing apps. It’s not stopping anytime soon.

As a result, most people, especially women, now feel insecure and uncomfortable with who they are and what they look like.

The 31-year-old British influencer enjoys giving people advices and real expectations for themselves

An influencer highlighted her mustache in an effort to encourage women to ditch the filters and show off instead.

With changing beauty standards all the time, Joanna Kenny’s mission is to standardize what makes us human, and that includes everything from pores to mustaches

The 31-Year-Old influencer repeatedly insists that filtered skin is not a skin type

An esthetician Kenny, spoke to Bright Side and explained that people often have a “distorted perspective of what skin should look like” which creates “unattainable skin care goals.” She said. “This new perspective of what skin should look like creates fake skin care goals and any real progress is ignored. It is my mission to manage their expectations and remind them that they have pores, not blemishes”. Kenny emphasizes that we have to stop fighting for what someone else thinks is good.

Society’s control over women’s body hair is completely questioned by Joanna. She thinks it needs to STOP.

Joanna has gone viral since sharing her natural mustache with the world. She captioned the photo, “Me highlighting my mustache, I’m not saying: Hey, you should find it attractive. Instead, it reminds you that you don’t have to remove the hair facial to be considered feminine.”

Her husband loves her facial hair and everything.

Previously, she used any product she could get her hands on to remove facial hair, which ultimately made her acne worse. Now she realizes: “people with hormonal imbalances should take medication which makes their hair to grow so much. And at the moment, they can’t keep up with the pressure from society to remove or bleach all the hair to make it fit. Even professional and DIY methods make their skin worse”.

“In 2021, a woman’s existence is still based on if men find her attractive,” she said. “I want people to start deciding for themselves. Along with the pictures that showcase her mustache, Kenny wrote, “My existence doesn’t depend on how beautiful you find me. Facial hair does not make me dirty. Facial hair doesn’t mean I’m less of a woman. Embracing my facial hair doesn’t mean I’m not taking care of myself”.

“Don’t make decisions about your

just to please others. I don’t and no one should.”



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