What It Means to Become a Mom at 47 , Cameron Diaz Shared Shared Her Story

Motherhood is a one unique story

For some women, “late” pregnancy and motherhood are impossible. Cameron Diaz is ideal example how impressive benefits it may have. Her story may change the minds of women who suspect pregnancy after age 40 and even help the women dealing with it.

Cameron Diaz shared how it is to be a mom at 47: I must live to 107 now

In December 2019, the well-known actress and her husband Benji Madden have become parents. It became very popular news in the global media. The feedback mainly about the “late” motherhood started. Also, Diaz gave hope to women who gave up having baby due to age.

The actress tried to stay private on the fact that she was pregnant. Anyways some of her close friends revealed that the couple was trying to have a child long years before having the daughter named Redix.

An anonymous source talked to the medias: “They were waiting for this to happen several years before”.

Diaz shares that spending more than half of her life to the public was done. Now she thinks it is okay to “take the time for myself to reorganize and choose how I want to return into the publicity”. She is happy, blessed and grateful to start a new decade with the baby. One of her main goals from now on, is to protect her daughter.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Diaz confessed that spending time with her daughter is a true form of heaven. And we believe her because she looks so happy and peaceful.

Diaz tries to take advantage of every moment

“Every day there is something new, and these things happen – Redix is not the same little girl she was yesterday.”

She went on to explain that such things have never happened to her in her life or Benji’s. “This growth is beautiful process and to be a part of it and to help her be her, it’s just amazing.”

Diaz teases herself and says her phone is no longer full of pictures of her dogs and their puppies. Now the couple have “Baby Shark” and “Elmo’s Song” rotating all the time and the whole family loves it. Diaz is now a proud mom who loves to watch her daughter growing.

Nonetheless, Diaz is totally sure that this is her “weak spot” and the happiest moment of her life. Even her previous travel and work experiences do not compare to this new phase.

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