You Don’t Be Scared To Be Alone, You Should Be Scared of Being In A Wrong Relationship

Dating is incredibly complicated these days because people fear bad relationships. Let’s face it, things are far from what they were back in our parents’ days. Societal norms have changed significantly, and the dating scene has been revolutionised by technology – and not necessarily for the better.

Although all these modern-day modifications to the dating world may be good for the development of our society, dating is not always the easiest thing to do.

When it comes to dating, people are confused, especially nowadays; they are afraid of getting into a crappy relationship, but they are also afraid of being single, so they settle for someone who does not meet their expectations. It contributes to lots of relationship issues.

The fear of being alone can be induced by various things.

Before, for example, you were or felt abandoned in life, you’ve most likely been in a situation in which you were an abandoned child, or your partner broke up with you. And so, you have come to equate the unloved with being alone.

If you remain in a relationship that doesn’t work… and you’ve done everything to fix it… you don’t have common core principles… there’s been a dilemma that couldn’t be fixed… then what can you think about your own worth to yourself?

For different reasons, quite a lot of individuals remain in toxic relationships. They feel that it is worse to be alone, so they struggle with unhappiness and/or violence. Here are the top three reasons why individuals remain in bad relationships.

You think there’s no one better out there
Dating is difficult, as described before. It is like searching for a needle in a haystack when trying to find someone who is compatible with you and your values. It’s so hard to find that connection that sometimes it feels like there aren’t any good opportunities out there.

When you feel this way, even if the person is unhappy in the relationship, it can be frightening to give up a partner that you’ve already got to know and got to be with you and shape your future with you – however toxic it may be.

Being better is the perfect way to get to know someone better. Act to change yourself, and in the end, you’ll run into someone better than your ex. Just note, you need to quit your current crappy partner as soon as possible because if you’re stuck with the wrong one, you’ll never find your right someone.

You think you don’t deserve anything better
You may not be worried that you can’t find anyone better, but you simply may feel like you are unworthy of finding someone better than the person you are with. Sometimes the mere past of a person makes them truly believe like they need to be in a bad relationship because that’s a sort of punishment for their past. Another way of looking at it is that something still makes them scared of being alone in their history, so they remain with a crappy partner.

Changing this pattern can be challenging, but understanding you need to change is the first step to change. It can require an outside intervention to help you see the problems in your relationship that you are struggling with in order for this to occur.

You may be financially dependent on your partner

It can be terrifying to even think about leaving when you get most or all of your financial support from your partner. Life on this planet is quite costly and by the minute it’s getting pricier. Positive intentions alone are not gonna pay your bills.

When you have no money, support, or resources, it can be tough to strike out on your own. It can potentially be debilitating, which is exactly why you’re going to remain in that very bad relationship. This does not mean, however, that you are trapped. It just means that you need to plan for a little bit of combat, and you need to get creative and think of ways you can use your existent and newly-acquired skills towards gaining an income.

You’re capable of overcoming the fear of being alone, even though it may seem scary at first.


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