This Mother Says, That She Often Mistaken For Her Daughter’s Sister Who Is 21

Although Sonya Magnier is already 40, she has always had the pleasure of mistaken her for her sister! When the life and business coach from Cork, Ireland walks with 21-year-old Renee, she has two children who are often mistaken for her sisters. They often like to dress up glamorously together in photos and hang out together for fun.
She, who got married last year, said: It’s funny to see her reaction when I explain that it’s her mother and daughter!”

Well, in case you get really confused (and we think you are), Renee is the woman on the right! Sonia is the beautiful blonde on the left. Did you get your guess right?

Sonia said that she works alongside young women a lot, so it helps her in maintaining a positive mindset. She’s also physically active by working out regularly.

Renee grew up to be a make-up artists. In fact, she was the one who did the make-up on her mother’s wedding and it’s hilarious to her how people mistake her as her sister.

But skincare isn’t just about what you put on your face, but also what you eat. A healthy, balanced diet with lots of water is important for smooth skin.

Renee also plays a role in it! “How you dress is so important too. Renee is very helpful and always gives me her honest feedback before I purchase anything! Plus I probably got very good genes from my own mother!” says the mother-of-two.

Sonia also has a son but she can only enjoy ‘girly time’ with her daughter.

Sonia said, “We love shopping and lunch or dinner dates, and take regular city breaks and sun holidays. Renee thinks it’s hilarious that we look so much like sisters, she loves having a young mum who’s fun to hang out with!”

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