This Wife Found Her Gift As The Cheapest Of The Bunch In His Christmas List, So She Confronts Her Husband

In hindsight, the title seems to say that the wife is a materialistic individual. But hold up – you need to read this up and make the most story-accurate judgment because no partner should be treated like this on Christmas.

This story was shared on Reddit’s “AITA” with over 17.6k upvotes. It was definitely among the most popular submissions for Christmas involving a wife who felt dissatisfied to find her gift worth less than even her lowest expectations.

“AITA for being” an ungrateful, spoiled brat” for the Christmas gift my husband got me?”

It’s their first Christmas together and he got her – no, scratch that – he got the family a spoon set worth $20. Not only is a spoon set a weird gift to get the woman you love, but $20 is way too cheap of a price tag when your sister-in-law gets a $250 bracelet.

Needless to say, all of you may be weirded out by the fact that this man is shelling $5,000 out for his acquaintances that range from friends to in-laws, but wouldn’t shed more than .4% of that budget for his own wife.

However, giving the man a benefit of the doubt, one suggested a possible scenario.

“It’s entirely possible that he put a random item next to her name on purpose and that’s not actually her gift. All she saw was a list, he hasn’t given her anything yet,” the comment read.

The possibility wasn’t enough to deny that he was still being a jerk as one explained, “Yeah that was my first thought as well but regardless, calling your adult wife an “ungrateful, spoiled brat” is AH behavior.”

Another suggested how it should’ve gone if that was the case to keep the situation calm, “If I were in OP’s husband’s situation I’d sit down my partner and explain that I have something bigger for them, it’s just not on the list and reassure him that he’s important for me – seems like an easy solution.”

“And he doubled down to the point where he stopped talking to her. That’s a lot of commitment for a decoy list,” wrote another.

There is still hope for the man to fix this as it’s still in the early stage of marriage but people in general just hope she could see the red flag.

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