Being Single Is Better Than a Toxic Relationship, A Psychology Explanation

Nobody wants to be in a toxic relationship. The anxiety that overcomes you because you became aware of the essence of your relationship is gross.

When things just don’t work out between you two, it’s always a good idea to break up, instead of forcing yourself into that same relationship, while lying yourself that you’ll work things out.

If you two can’t stop fighting over the most insignificant things, there is no way back. You must put an end to that relationship. But the thing is that in most of the cases, people don’t have the courage to do it. Sometimes it’s because people just feel comfortable in that kind of an engagement, or they are too afraid to leave the comfort zone and dig into the field of love again.

Some of the people just want to get away from all the follow-up questions that come naturally after every break up. However, think twice when you are consciously deciding to be part of a toxic relationship. There was a study on this topic by the way. It was conducted by the University of Ohio and it showed that 18 percent of people stay in a relationship longer than needed, just because they are afraid of being alone.

Why is staying in a toxic relationship worse than being single?

Being single does not mean jumping right into the ocean and trying the catch a new fish as soon as possible. Rebound relationships are not always a good idea. Instead of focusing on that, you can try and focus on the things you were unable to do while you were in a (toxic) relationship. If you have a bucket list, now is the time to start crossing things off of the list. Or if you don’t have one, start thinking seriously about creating it now. Living life to the fullest is always found attractive by most of the people. And do not forget about all the connections you are young to make while you are working on the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Five reasons why being alone is better than being in a toxic relationship
Single people appear to be healthier – Being single leaves you more time to focus on your health, lose some weight and boost your immune system

Single people are better at making and saving money – there is only one of you you should think of. All the money you get are just for you. Plus you are free to change careers and move houses or even countries for that matter, if you want to.

Single people have more free time – you are free to do whatever suits you with no obligation whatsoever to think about spending time with someone else or finding a compromise when it comes to discussing what to do at a certain period of time

Single people tend to love philanthropy – when you feel down in the dumps, don’t fill yourself with negative energy. Transfer your energy towards helping other people who are experiencing the same thing. That will help you build your self-esteem.

Being single means more time for family and friends – with no obligations of any kind, you are free to spend more time with your family members and your friends as well


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