Keep SPIDERS Away From Your Bed With These 7 Ways

Have you ever found a spider in your bed and started freaking out like crazy? This is totally expected and humane, everyone would do this. But the good news is that you can easily prevent them from making their way back to your sheets. Here are 7 DIY tricks to help prevent this.

One of people’s worst nightmares is finding a creepy-crawling spider between your sheets. Your bed should feel like a safe haven, not a war zone.

And not only are spiders freaky and scary, but if they try to nibble on you, they may also leave you with bites and bumps and in extreme cases, spread harmful diseases or cause allergic reactions.

The trick to keeping spiders out of your bed is prevention. All bugs that build a home in your sheets may also find their way into your mattress, set up shop and lay eggs that will eventually trigger a bigger problem, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent this. Here’s how:

Spray Essential Oils

As you can’t use chemical pesticides in your sacred sleeping area, one of the best choices for you will be to use natural repellents. Essential oils are strong and very aromatic, such as lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and particularly lavender. These oils contain compounds such as d-limonene, a natural chemical that has been shown to keep different pests such as mosquitoes and spiders away. Not only that, but these oils with their calming aromas often encourage a good night’s sleep.

Regularly Clean Your Bedding

Changing your bedding regularly is one of the best ways to keep pests from your bed. Oils, fur, and skin cells that settle on your sheets after you’ve slept in them for a few days will attract spiders.

Don’t Eat on Your Bed

Make a habit out of not eating where you sleep. This will be useful for not getting your sheets dirty, as well as for keeping a clean environment that bugs and spiders are not going to enjoy. Grab your midnight snack from the kitchen. Stop having crumbs on your sheets, food debris and sauce smears. You’ll draw the wrong crowd, as we’ve described before.

Keep your bed away from the wall

Spiders will find it easy to find their way through your sheets through gaps in the wall if your bed is forced into a corner or up against a wall without a headboard. Keep your bed a short distance from the wall, and also make sure that other furniture or equipment that could attract bugs are not touching.

Use Beds That Have Long Legs

This approach is realistic and effective. The most difficult type of bed for spiders to climb up on are therefore, those with thin legs. Beds with long skinny legs, therefore get fewer roaming spiders than those lower to the surface.

Keep the air dry in your room

In a humid climate, spiders and other bugs thrive, so try to buy a dehumidifier for your bedroom to keep the bugs away.

Tuck Your Sheets In

Another way your bed can be changed is to prevent the sheets from reaching the floor. Any time you’re not using them, tuck them in. Dangling sheets allow spiders to crawl up, and it will give them one less thing they can cling to to make sure they are tucked up.


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