This Girl Who Can Deadlift 80kg/176.37lbs Is The World’s Strongest 7-Year-Old Girl

Meet little Rory van Ulft. She’s 7 years old and she’s able to put any of us to shame in the gym.

Rory van Ulft comes from Ottawa originally. She can snatch 32 kg, squat 61 kg, deadlift 80 kg, and clean and jerk 42 kg. She first began training when she entered a gymnastics class after her 5th birthday. Rory also wears fake tattoos on her arms while weightlifting, as she thinks it’s cool.

As of today, she was crowned USA weightlifting champion in the category for under-11 and under-13s on the Youth National Championship.

How does she do it?

This young lady spends almost 9 hours a week practicing in the gym and about 4 hours weightlifting.

Not only is Rory the toughest seven-year-old in the world based on her existing Sinclair number. She is possibly also the toughest seven-year-old girl or boy that has ever existed, for whom the results of the competition are verifiable.

Rory’s staggering Sinclair competition total of 213,738 makes her the best 11-and-under pound-for-pound lifter in the States, Cavan and his wife Lindsay explained.

The current champion of the Weightlifting Association established in Ontario is our girl Rory. This is a championship organized for 17 year olds and under, particularly for dealing with the 40 kilos weight class.
But she’s competing in the US because Canadians don’t have an Olympic-style youth national weight-lifting championship.

Ulft prefers gymnastics though to weightlifting.

Many photographs and videos of Ulft have gone viral on social media. There are so many people applauding her for her weight-lifting abilities and strength.

In both weightlifting and gymnastics, Rory is surrounded by knowledgeable coaches. She even has a family doctor and a paediatrician in sports medicine taking really good care of her and making sure her growth is not disrupted.


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