Men Could Be Replaced For “Ultimate Pleasure Experience” By Male Robots

A perfect replacement for a human boyfriends exists! It’s the high-tech male robots!

Many times before girls have said that they’ve been sick of being played, lied to, and generally they’ve been sick of men. But now they have an option to choose if they still want to deal with men in their own, personal way.

With the technological advancements revolutionizing our way of living in all aspects, scientists have provided us with an option referring our love life.

Unlike people who are overthinking about the side effects of love dolls on human-to-human relationships, there are many others out there who are really excited to try and bond with someone, or for that reason something. That way they would be free of having to deal with all the stress a human-to-human relationship would otherwise cause.

Meet Mr. Perfect

The love doll that was being talked about is known as Mr. Perfect. Women are about to meet the Ultimate Pleasure Experience male robots that can make all our dreams come true.

Creating robots that can satisfy women in many ways is just amazing.

The purpose of these robots is to behave like real gentlemen and to be able to get into a verbal communication as well. It’s really impressive. Currently, there are few popular companies that are making these love robots, particularly “Real Doll”.

The robots are not designed so as to bring satisfaction in the bedroom only. Scientists have been working on creating a male robot what will be able to perform the role of something that fits into our life as a whole.

Therefore, it’s not a love toy, but it’s more of a life partner. These robots are designed to move in any direction and pace, and they can be controlled by the user with a regulator.

The best part about these dolls is that they can be used for as long as you want, at whatever speed required, and for whatever purpose needed. And all that without the battery getting drained! The point of the creators of these robots was to make it possible for women to replace the real-life males for all purposes.

Thus, besides of being a gentle lover, the robot would also come with a certain personality and the needed intelligence to understand the needs of its female partner. Scientists say that whenever women feel lonely they’ll have someone/something to keep them company.

It’s a good option to have at home, especially when you are too disappointed to deal with real-life men anymore! Furthermore, the creators have programmed each robot to engage in meaningful conversations. Moreover, they will come with a personal backstory!

Mr. Perfect is a unique version for each woman, individually

On the plus side, each woman who wants to get one for herself, will be provided with a unique version of her own love doll. It means that scientists designed these robots to satisfy the need of the woman in any way.

Therefore, these love dolls will be able to act just like a normal, human boyfriend! Although it might sound comical at the moment, this could become reality sooner than we expect.

Anyways, things are not that simple. Since these dolls, with all the abilities installed in them, come with a great prize. They are extremely expensive, so not everyone can afford them, but the ultra-wealthy women.

Do these dolls affect human-life relationships?
What’s more important is that these human-life dolls and robots may be a serious threat to our relationships. For that matter, experts present their sincere concerns. The story of two different people will be presented below.

Masayuki Ozaki’s story:

Masayuki Ozaki is a psychologist and he stands for a perfect example for this. Even though this man in married and lives in a house with his wife and his teenage daughter, he has his ultra-realistic silicon doll living together with them as well.

At the beginning, the doll caused many arguments between the couple, but in the end they managed to work it out.

He explains that after his wife gave birth, he felt lonely because of lack of love. That’s is probably why he felt that “love at first sight” when he saw his doll Mayu in the showroom. He says that at first his wife was furious, but eventually she learnt to put up with it.

This man ensures us that he is not as turned on by human relationships as he used to. And even though this situation destroyed his marriage, he asserts to be happy only with his Mayu.

He talks about the advantages of dating a robot and for that matter he says that in this kind of relationships he can only think about his own satisfaction, without being surrounded by various problems which are not concerning him.

He likes the idea of getting home after work and having someone so just listen to him about his work day and everything that happened. According to him, his Mayu is perfect for him and that’s why he wants to be with her forever. He says that he’s not even considering going back to a human being.

Senji Nakajima’ story

There’s another similar example, featuring Senji Nakajima, who is 62 years old. He was not willing to give up on his girlfriend Saori, not even when his wife and his own children threatened to leave him because apparently there is no woman who is as perfect for him as his silicon girlfriend Saori. He does not consider reconciling with his wife, because that would mean to give up on all of his pleasures with Saori, which is something he doesn’t want to do.

According to him, unlike human beings who are so demanding in many ways, his girlfriend Saori calms him and makes him feel good. He says that there is not a chance that he would cheat on her, not with a prostitute. For him, Saori is a human being. He loves bathing her and going surfing or skiing with her.

There isn’t anything else to add, except that the world is changing so fast!


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