Men Disclosed That Why They Find Curvier Ladies Especially Gorgeous

It’s not a secret that most of the men are not really fond of those perfect skinny models we usually see in the magazines. Most of them have admitted that they prefer curvier women.

At first, it comes as a shock to hear that men prefer plus size women, rather than perfect skinny models. Since everybody’s confused by this statement of men, here are several reasons which will explain to us why that is so.

Curvy girls enjoy eating. That’s number one reason that will make men want them even more. For men, the meal is one of the most important things, and no one wants to have somebody who’s always on a diet. Or even worse, choosing his food for him.

These girls are known for giving the best hugs. That is so, because curvy women have softer body. They like to cuddle with a woman who’s fleshier, instead of hugging with skin and bones only.

They are positive people by nature. Curvy girls usually have complex personalities. They are really talkative and the relationship with them is never boring. Probably that’s the thing that makes them so special.

Men are physically attracted to their figures. A larger butt and a fuller upper body is what makes a perfect woman in a man’s world.

They are fully confident. Being curvy, has probably made them deal with many uncomfortable situations. Those kind of instances led these women towards working on their self-confidence and making themselves strong women.

Plus-size women are known to be more caring people. That is so, because most of the time they put other people’s feeling and wishes before their own. Plus, they want to spend more time with their partners, like cooking, playing, engaging in meaningful discussions, etc.

They appear to be more fertile than the skinny girls. Men believe that wide hips and large breasts are a sign for good child bearing. So they associate curves with fertility, thus making them want these women by their side even more.

And finally – it’s a classic beauty. If you go back in time, you can notice that all the paintings and pictures featuring beautiful women, were presented by curvy women.

Women with large tights and chubby arms were considered to be really beautiful and attractive. There is one really interesting explanation for that.

Men used to associate curvy women with food. That is so, because being well fed is what made them curvy, in the first place.

Then food is a sign of health and also a sign of wealth. So basically, men associated curvy women with health and wealth and that’s what made them even more attractive.


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