These Amazing Hairstyles That Look Like Intricate Crochet Patterns, Are Created By A German Teenager

There is a 17 year-old hairstylist from Germany who comes up with amazing hairstyles that can be easily pictured on the head of any Disney princess.

Her thousands of hairstyles have been adored by many people around the world. She got so passionate about this since she was six years old. But back then, she was not so skillful. Throughout the following years, she started creating more advanced hairstyles, some of which resemble macramΓ©, basket weaving styles, and even crocheted and knit patterns.

Milena’s hairstyles

Milena says that she uses the hair as a means to express herself. Her rose-style buns are among her most famous creations. In this hairstyle, the point is that the hair is gathered in many layers that resemble flower petals. She stands behind some of the numerous hairstyles that look impossible for most of the people. She has also made video tutorials on how to make her iconic 3D braid, as well as how to make seven types of easy buns.

Enjoy in some of the most amazing hairstyles created by this talented young hairstylist.


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