This Girl Who Is 22, Spends Thousands On Lip Injections To Have The World’s Biggest Lips

Aesthetic surgery has become very popular nowadays. There are many people who expose their bodies to correction, so as to satisfy the looks they are aspiring for. But sometimes, they forget that the sense never to exaggerate will always remain in style, no matter the beauty fashion trends. Nowadays, there are thousands of people around the world who are obsessed with plastic surgeries and spend huge amounts of money just to make their plastic fantastic dream come true.

22 Year-old Student from Bulgaria Has Extremely Big Lips

A 22-year old student from Bulgaria stands for one such example. This philosophy student from Sofia, named Andrea Emilova Ivanova, has quadrupled her lips. Her goal is to become the woman with the biggest lips ever. So far, she has undergone many lip injections. She has been exposed to numerous surgeries and spent thousands of money at various clinics in Sofia.

This 22-year old real-life Barbie, has just had her latest lip injection. Last Tuesday, she shared a photo with her Instagram followers, revealing her ever-growing pout. Andrea has started her transformation two years ago. As she says, every injection costs her around $170. And since she has been to many such surgeries, she has lost the count for the number of injections, as well as the money she spent doing them. Andrea states that she’s in love with her look and even though she’s really close to achieving her goal, she won’t stop having more fillers. She’ll continue to do it until she’s fully satisfied with her lips.

Andrea’s personal view after her latest transformation

After posting the latest version of her journey to the perfect transformation, Andrea said that she couldn’t be happier. Even though she had some difficulties after the surgery, like not been able to eat for a while, she said that the final outcome makes her feel extremely pleased. As she points out, after the surgery the doctor said that he can continue with the injections, if she is willing to, but only after two months. The doctor advised her to wait for a while.

People’s reactions regarding Andrea’s transformation

As usual, there have been many positive, as well as negative comments. Many of the comments she received were encouraging and pleasing. Some men even proposed to her online. But on the other hand, there are many negative reactions as well. She says that most of these negative voices come from women.

Nevertheless, she does not worry about the comments at all. She has decided to follow her dream and there’s nothing that could stop her. After all, who determines the boundaries? As she puts it, there are no limits. People should be able to decide for themselves how big is too big.



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