12 Teenage Girls Created Solar-Powered Tents For Homeless

Many girl scientists are underestimated and ignored by the scientific community across the world. Recently, an all-girl engineering team created an incredible solution for the homeless during the winter.

The San Fernando High School created a partnership with DIY Girls, an organization that gives support for girls interested in technology and science. One team consisting of 12 girls was able to create a design for a solar-powered tent for the homeless. These tents can be packed up and folded into a backpack, allowing the homeless to easily transport their tent around wherever they want.

During the drafting process of the project, the girls kept in mind to have this tent lightweight, transportable, with LED or UV light which will make it easy to disinfect. They also want to patent the invention and give it out to as many people as possible. The project shows that great minds can do incredible things when they come together and have support.

Decreasing Homeless Death Rate

The main causes of death among the homeless are drug/alcohol overdose, coronary heart disease, or hypothermia during winter. Hypothermia is the condition that occurs when the person’s core temperature drops less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average contiguous temperate in the U.S. during the winter of 2019 was 33.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine someone staying outside in such cold. The riskiest people that can develop hypothermia are children and the elderly, especially the ones that have a persistent medical condition or are exposed to extreme environmental condition.

The homeless in the U.S. always seek shelter during the winter. If they’re unable to find shelter, they are risking their lives outside in the cold winter days. It’s amazing how these teenage girls were able to solve this problem with little effort and governments across the world aren’t able to do anything about it.


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