The Beauty of the Natural World Is Translated into Dazzling Dyed Hair By This Hairstylist

People that have a creative and artsy mind can turn almost anything into a work of art and we’ve seen this example in hair dyeing. Women and men have both shown their self-expressed way of transforming their hair into whatever color they want. Ursula Goff, a hairstylist, took the art of dyeing the hair to another level. Her hair art turned women’s hair into art paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Water Lilies which turned out to be incredible.

However, this was not the end of Goff’s art styles since she wanted to explore other ways to express our world. Her recent creations are all inspired by nature from hot springs to sparkly rocks, even taking inspiration from the cosmos. The results are majestic and show an impressive depth of color. You can compare the variety of colors that she used with the photographs and the resemblance is incredible.

Goff also has a website in which she will show you some of the tricks of her trade. On the website, you can buy digital files showing the way to recreate her art style with varieties of color techniques.

Ancient History of Hair Dyeing

Even though many think that hair dyeing is a modern habit, it’s been practiced long ago. The first evidence of hair dyeing can be found in the Egyptian civilization. They used henna to camouflage their gray hair. After them, Greeks and Romans also used plant extracts to color their strands and even created a permanent black hair dye. This dye was very toxic to use and switched to a formula made with fermented leeches in a lead vessel for two months. Roman prostitutes had to dye their hair yellow to indicate their profession even though most wore wigs. Civilizations like the Gaul and Saxons dyed their hair in various vibrant colors showing their rank and intimidated their opponents in battles.


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