Best Friends Since Age 11 Move Into the Same Nursing Home, They are 89 Year Old

Sincere friendship is something that can best happen to anyone in the course of their life. How long friendship will last also depends on how much they know each other, what is their threshold of tolerance and desire to maintain it. Here we will present to you the friendship of two ladies Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward, who have a reputation as entering into mischief, lasting more than 78 years. They are now 89 years old, and they met at the age of 11 in 1941. Their connection is primarily due to their similar sense of mischief and humor, which, in fact, has never caused problems in their lives.

According to them, laughter is the best medicine and that it is true is shown by their example and their great form. In 2018, Kathleen moved to Mansfield, Berry Hill’s English Park, and a few months later Olive moved in as well, realizing they were companions who had gone through a lot in their life together, especially from the moment they were both widows.

Now they have rooms on the same floor of the nursing home, so this allows them to be together often.

Before leaving for the nursing home, Olive went to visit Kathleen every Saturday for lunch, but at one point she also decided to move there. Every moment they are together is a moment of enjoyment and good laughter. Practically, they turn every torment into laughter because both of them are capable of it together. Kathleen sometimes knows how to say that they are both like giggling schoolgirls, and they also dress temptingly. The two always adhered to the mantra that reads “If you’re got it, flaunt it.”

The management of the facility adores them, they say that Kathleen is a “real flirt”, while Oliva is much more reserved. Manager Sally Tebbett perceives them as a spark that is still there because they are still full of mischief and never stop chatting and giggling.

Their sympathetic and sincere friendship really deserves respect, and they personally say they will be together forever and will even be best friends in heaven.

Signs of a Genuine Friendship

Real friend pushes you to be more accepting of yourselves
Robert Rowney, D.O., a certified psychiatrist and the director of the Cleveland Clinic mood disorder unit, explains that people feel better about themselves when they have close, encouraging and supportive people in their lives and that real friend naturally boost friend’s self-esteem.

They call you out when you’re in the wrong.

They’re always present for you
The greatest gift any friend could ever give is full awareness and attention, so, true friends make their presence a priority.

They really listen.

Having a two-way dialogue with someone improves the chances that the relationship is going to be stronger.

They support you through adversity

Real friends keep your stress in check
According to Rowney, real friends are with you even when you’re not looking for advice, and their presence alone can calm you. The 2011 study found that just spending time with a best friend can help beat stress.

They keep you respected

Rowney points out that true friends celebrate your every achievement, reminding you of your roots as well.

They have your back, even when life gets messy

Rowney explains that close friends always support and take the initiative – even if you don’t want to hear it. Another characteristic of him is honesty, which is also important for a friendly relationship.

Friendship is a priority
True friends do not allow life to break the relationship and put it as a priority.

They practice forgiveness

As Randy Taran, author, and producer of Project Happiness, writes, true friendships know how to weather a storm. Conflicts are made by true friends bravely and directly; they are ready to understand and that is why they are able to forgive everything.

They make you want to be a better person

According to Rowney real friends stay with you as you grow up, and make you be a better version of yourself. They are not only confidential people but also role models.


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