For Just Around $125, 12-Year-Old Girl Redecorates Family Home In A Week

Lockdown days were one of the most boring and unproductive days for most of us. This was not the case for this 12-year-old girl named Bea Levanche. Her DIY-expert mother, Susie, asked her to help around the house and she found herself wanting to do more and more.

Susie and her family live in Kent, U.K. and she claims that her daughter was extremely bored during the lockdown. To free up her extra time, the mother gave the rebellious and creative girl tasks of updating and renovating the house. The mother was going to the panel and asked her daughter to measure the wall for her. After showing her how to use the workbench and handsaw, Bea completed the paneling in her office alone. Soon, she started making her way around the house with her mother supervising her.

With having time to fix any mistakes Bea makes, her mother gave her the freedom to do what she wants. Bea was able to use the handsaw, electric drill, tile cutter, spirit level, and sander effectively with no tensions. She even tried stenciling herself and the daughter’s next project was to renovate her brother’s room.

As an avid recycler, Levanche was able to contribute a lot with the decoration since reusing and repurposing her old items came in hand.

Because the family had timber, paints, glue, and old handles, they only spent about $100-$150 on new items. In 10 days, they fixed up many rooms and are still going on.

Recycling Objects

There are many reasons for reusing old objects and items that you have in your household. Some of those reasons are:

It’s enjoyable and uses up the free time that you have with your family.
Recycling objects can reduce global warning drastically and prevent greenhouse gasses.
It’s amazing for wildlife since discarded objects usually end up in the oceans such as plastic bottles.
Reduces energy use since aluminum cans from secondary products use only 92% of the energy needed from raw materials.
Considerable amount of cash is saved if you re-use old objects.

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