This Brazilian Mailman Takes Selfies With Every Adorable Dog and Cat Who Live Along His Route

Even though dogs aren’t fans of mailmen, there are exceptions, such as the story from São Paulo about Angelo Cristiano Da Silva Antunes. As he made it with the animals, he is on social media called “Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais” (“Animal-friendly postman”). He is one of the mailmen who have broken the rule to avoid dogs if they can, which is known for the majority of men.

He, actually, always takes the time to stop and greet the adorable dogs and cats he meets along the way, and many of these meetings are even on his quick selfies that he is making while on his daily route. He says hello to the neighboring rabbits, cats, and all other kinds of animals.

The process of befriending a dog or a cat

Making friends with a dog or cat can sometimes be a time-consuming process. It is a technique that Antunes patiently approaches with each pet, doing so slowly over time to gain their trust. What his success is, can be seen in the photos shared by Antunes, which reveal their undeniable connection. Here you can see huge hounds, small puppies, cats, and everyone can clearly express their sincere love for Antunes. Most often animals express their love for him by licking his face and stroking him, including cats.

Cristiano first is greeting and acknowledging dogs, then he is letting them sniff his hand from a distance. That’s the way how dogs can get to know him better, and over time, the approaches should be more and more, and they will finish with licking his face.

According to the biologist Alex Netherton, the best way to approach animals is to learn their behavior, and learn what “makes them tick”. Be aware, that if you wish to “make friends” forcing the animals into friendship is wrong, always accept what the animal can or can’t give.

Antunes has a mission too – he helps pets in need
Antunes’ success is, also because of the fact that he helps those that need urgent medical care or anything else. Many sick cats and dogs are rescued by him and brought to the local vet for treatments. Antunes’s dream is to open up his own animal shelter in the future, so he can help even more pets in need.

He owns a few dogs and three cats with his spouse. He has been around dogs ever since his childhood, and that might explain why dogs greet him as one of their own.

In that world, he is a hero! This amazing animal-friendly postman keeps charming his 87k fans and the whole wide world with a message that he delivers with every photo that he takes.

See the photos below:

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