A father with Down Syndrome raised a doctor, and proved that love makes everything possible

Men with Down Syndrome, unlike women, find it more difficult to have children. This is what the studies that are being reviewed say, because there have also been success stories. On rare occasions, men with Down Syndrome have managed to have their biological child and one of them is Jad Issa. He not only became the father of a son, but managed to educate him and make him a doctor.

Having big dreams for his son, Jad, who worked in a wheat mill, started saving money for his son’s college since Sader was little. He did everything in his power to support the family and according to Sader, his father’s tireless work and commitment to giving him the best possible future inspired him to study well and become a doctor.

“I think I would have been much less excited about life and much less passionate about what I do if I did not have my own special father,” Sader wrote on a photo of the two together.

Sader is a dentist, has one of the best and highest paid careers in Syria and Jad’s happiness knows no bounds. While his son was still studying, Jad introduced himself to young people by telling them, “My son is a doctor,” with bright eyes.

The family is the living proof that stereotypes must be broken.

Speaking about the relationship his parents share, Sader told us that despite being together for decades, the love between his mom and dad is still as if they were married yesterday. They perfectly understand each other’s needs. They like to walk together and sometimes they just sit and talk for hours.

Sader credits his success to Jad and admits he is just as proud of his father as his father is of him. The inspirational duo loves to watch movies together in their spare time.

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