Pit Bull Realizes His Family Leaves Him In A Shelter, So He Can’t Hold Its Tears

Many dogs suffer from anxiety after separation and others don’t. Experts still don’t understand why there’s a difference between the dogs that are separated from their owners.

In this story, a pit bull named Blue King (or Blue for short) started crying as soon as his owners left him at a high-kill shelter called Carson in California. This means that if the dogs that are left aren’t adopted or claimed, they will be euthanized for new arrivals.

Because Blue was left in solitude in his kennel, he fell into a deep depression and continuously whined. As soon as he was dropped off at the shelter, he was confused about why he was left alone.

He understood what his owners did to him and he would lie down in a corner and cry in tears. After seeing Blue so depressed, the shelter staff consoled him by giving him treats and taking him on walks. However, nothing made the dog happy.

There has been a lot of research done on the emotions of dogs and the way they feel sorrow, pain, and depression. Additionally, they understand human speech and its meaning and form deep relationships with their owners.

The Adoption of Blue

The staff members wanted to help Blue as much as they could so they took a video of the heartbroken pup and uploaded it on Facebook. They hoped that someone will adopt him and they were right to thinking so.

One animal lover, Jennifer McKay, saw Blue’s crying video and immediately wanted to do something for him. She came to the shelter the very next day and was surprised that Blue didn’t even stand up or look at her, unlike the other dogs at the shelter.

She knew that she had to adopt the pit bull and after he passed the temperament test, McKay filled up the adoption papers the week after.

After McKay took Blue out of the shelter, he started showing energy and enthusiasm which surprised McKay. She thought that he would be a laid back dog but instead, she got an excited, giant ball of fluff.

People that followed the news and watched the video were happy that Blue was adopted. He became a new dog after McKay took him home. McKay claims that he still has some learning to do like basic walking commands but he should be fine.

The important thing is that he learned to trust humans again and return their love towards him back.

The Bad Reputation for Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls have always been seen as one of the most aggressive and feared dog breeds. With such negative views against the breed, people are afraid of it and walk away from it because they are being ignorant. They also claim that the pit bull breed is the one that’s been bred for fights and to be aggressive.

The general misunderstanding comes from the fact that there isn’t just one breed of pit bulls but four. The four breeds are the American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and the American bully. The only breed that was trained for fights was the American pit bull terrier. Even with their aggressive heritage past, the dogs don’t have to show any kind of aggressiveness, depending on how they are kept. If the owner treats the dog well, the dog won’t become aggressive and bite others.


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