These Are Surprising 15 Ways That You Can Use Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola is Very Useful!

Many people across the world are fans of Coca-Cola. The brand has been the top seller for decades in the U.S. and worldwide. It’s very well known that coke contains lots of sugar (as much as 9 ½ teaspoons of sugar in a can).

Aside from that, Coke Zero contains cancer-causing aspartame. Drinking coke is very bad for you. However, you don’t have to use coke only for drinking. Here are 15 ways that you can find it useful:

Polish silverware

Place your silverware in Coca-Cola for a couple of minutes and rinse and wipe it away. It will loosen up dirt and stains that are built up onto the sliver.

Clean the toilet

A single can of soda is enough to clean the stains from the toilet rim. Just let the Coca-Cola sit for one hour and then flush the toilet.

Clean oil spill

If you have oil spills in your driveway, pour a bottle of Coca-Cola on top of it and allow it to soak for a few hours. After, use a hose to rinse the soda away.

Clean tarnished copper

If you’re a fan of Moscow mule, you’re sure to have some copper mugs at home. You can clean these mugs using a cloth dipped in Coca-Cola.

Remove rust

Coca-Cola contains citric acid which can dissolve rust in no effort. Just soak the rusted object in the soda for 24 hours and rinse it with water.

Clean burnt pans

Soak the pans in Coca-Cola and the grease/burnt parts will go out in pieces.

Descale kettle

Add some coke to the electric kettle and boil it to descale it. After boiling it for a few minutes, clean the kettle by scrubbing and rinsing it.

Shine chrome

Use Coca-Cola and aluminum foil to clean your chrome wheels.

Cleaning car battery

If you have problems starting your car and your car battery has built up corrosion, you can easily fix the problem with Coca-Cola. Pour a can of coke on top of the battery connections while your car is turned off (be extra careful when doing this).

Clean stains

Adding coke to your regular wash and detergent will help remove any stains (grease, asphalt, creosote, blood) from your clothes.

Clean countertops in the kitchen

Easily done by using a cloth and coke. Make sure you rinse it after with some water.

Stripping off paint

If you want to add a new color to your metal furniture, soak a towel of coke and lay it on the paint surface for some time. The previous paint will peel off easily.

Unstick gum

If you stuck gum on the bottom of your shoe or your hair, just apply some coke to the gum and let it soak for a few minutes. Wipe the gum away and you’re gum-free!

Eliminate skunk smell

Instead of using tomato sauce, shower with coke and it will eliminate the smell of a skunk.

Clean tile gout

Pour some coke onto the kitchen floor and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping it off with a cloth/towel.

Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is one of the largest companies on Earth. It has $35.1 billion in revenue, making it the 84th largest economy in the world. Everywhere you go, no matter which country, you’ll probably find a bottle or can of coke in a shop. It is sold in over 200 countries worldwide. It’s worth estimation of $74 billion.

Additionally, aside from Coca-Cola, the company produces many more brands of soda than you think. More than 3,500 beverages (500 brands) of sodas and energy drinks are produced from the company. It will take 9 years to try all of the beverages if you drink one daily.

From 55 billion servings of beverages aside from water, about 1.7 billion of them are Coca-Cola based drinks. Keep in mind that this is daily doses of consumption, resulting in about 3.1% of all beverages consumed.


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