You Can Save A Lot Of Your Time By Putting A Wet Wipe In The Washing Machine

Every person spends about 4 hours a week on laundry, starting with selecting the clothes to launder, adding them to the washing machine, and later taking them out and placing them in the dryer. Modern washing machines do their job perfectly and with almost no effort on your part.

However, there is one trick that can save you lots of time, especially if you have pets or lots of dark clothes. Adding a wet wipe in the washing machine before adding the clothes will not only save you lots of time but lessen the nerves of laundry day.

How Can a Wet Wipe Help with Laundry?

Using wet wipes in the laundry machine will help remove any hair or lint from the clothes. As the laundry machines wash the clothes, the wet wipes will act as absorbers. They will absorb any small pieces of hair, fur, or fabric that’s been attached to the clothes. As the laundry machine finishes its job, the wet wipes will contain all these tiny particles. By absorbing the tiny particles, the clothes will look much cleaner. It will also save you a lot of time by removing the ‘collect the debris’ process from the clothes manually.

Tips on Using Wet Wipes

There are a couple of things that you should know about using wet wipes in the laundry.

– Don’t add more than 3 wet wipes per wash. Also, never reuse the wet wipes you’ve already used.

The perfect wet wipes to use are the ones that can’t tear easily. Try ripping them into strips and if it’s hard to do, the wet wipes are dense enough.

– Don’t use fabric or paper wipes in the washing machine. The ones made out of paper aren’t firm enough. They will disintegrate in the washing machine, making your job much harder since you’ll be picking off the paper from the clothes rather than removing the other particles. Using fabric wipes doesn’t make things worse, but it also doesn’t help you either.

– If you use scented wet wipes, the clothes will absorb their scent. If you don’t want that to happen, you can use antibacterial or unscented wet wipes. Also, adding fabric softener will remove the scent from the wet wipes.

Other Uses for Wet Wipes
Aside from adding them in the washing machine or using them for cleaning your make-up, you can use wet wipes for the following things:

Cleaning plastic toys

A great substitute for toilet paper
Freshen indoor plants’ leaves by wiping off the dust
Sanitizing public areas (toilet seats, trolleys)
Moisten envelopes to close them
Cleaning off the interior of the car from dust or spills
Freshen the skin in a hot day
Collecting the dust from inaccessible corners
Wiping down freezers and fridges
Removing excess nail polish
Cleaning the screen and keyboard from a computer
Shining up the shoes
Clean off bird droppings on your car


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