This Amazon driver says he was fired for dunking basketball in empty driveway, sparking debate

In a TikTok posted this week, an Amazon delivery driver is seen dunking a basketball in a customer’s driveway. He says that he was fired for doing so.

Commenters responded in disbelief and @jazzaiha, who posted the video, said in the comments that he really was fired from Amazon for the activity shown in the TikTok.

“It was kinda crazy,” commented @jazzaiha. “There was a neighbor who caught me on Ring camera and snitched on me by posting it on Nextdoor.”

Despite @jazzaihia having a little over 300 followers and only posting the TikTok in question, the video has been viewed over a million times.

TikTok users commented that they’ve seen Amazon workers do more extreme things than dunk a basketball in a customer’s driveway hoop.

“There’s no way,” commented @am_collects. “Two Amazon dudes parked in front of my house for a smoke sesh while I’m waiting for them to deliver my packages.”

“What about the dude that gave new meaning to the term smashing pumpkins?” wrote @julieleslie07, referencing a viral video that shows an Amazon delivery driver throwing a customer’s pumpkins and breaking them.

Others listed reasons for why @jazzaiha’s firing checks out.

“He touched there personal property, which is a COVID violation,” wrote @skaggsse26.

“It’s the owner’s property,” commented @theone23__. “Also, Amazon is liable if the employee gets hurt or [breaks] something.”

Public Reaction

Credit: Daily Dot


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