As Soon As It Reunited With Owner After Two Years, This Excited Dog Collapsed Out of Happiness

Dogs Excitement

If you ever own a dog or have someone close own one, you probably know that they get excited from almost anything. They get excited when you give them food, play with them, take them for a walk, or even mentioning a walk. Anything that looks like it’s fun for the dog, the dog will get excited. After a long day of work, the dog will wait patiently for you to get home. However, once you get home, be prepared to be jumped by your beloved pet. God forbid you take your dog for a walk and see another one approaching nearby. Your dog will start whining and pulling your leash toward the other dog, either anxious, alarmed, or joyful.

There are instances where dogs pee from excitement or even do a happy dance. It’s usually the dopamine rush of their excitement that makes them act like crazy (even though most of us pet owners love that characteristic).

Casey, the Schnauzer

One such moment of pure happiness can be seen by Casey, a schnauzer, after meeting its owner that has been away for two years.

The owner, Rebecca Ehalt from Pennsylvania, had to move to Slovenia for work, leaving her 9-year-old dog behind. Rebecca believed that Casey would be better off with people that it knows like her family rather than take her to an unknown territory.

However, two human years are fourteen in dog years, so Casey has been missing Rebecca for a long time. After Rebecca finally returned to her hometown, Murrysville, for her wedding reception, the two finally reunited.

The reunion was one of a kind since the dog missed Rebecca much more than Rebecca missed it. Rebecca’s family recorded a video of the reunion and it shows Casey jumping Rebecca excitedly as soon as it sees her.

Unfortunately, this cute reunion took a lot out of Casey as it suddenly collapsed on the ground. After Casey was taken to a veterinarian, the vet checked it and was cleared of any dangers. The doctor claims that the dog was most likely too excited to see its owner after years apart.

You can check out the video of the wonderful reunion here:


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