This University Professor Claims He Discovered Population of Fairies and Shows His Proof

Sometime during your life, you’ve probably watched a cartoon, animated film, or a movie with a fairy. If not, then you surely read about them in a book or heard about them from somewhere. But what is a fairy? Fairies are dwarfed mythical creatures that are mentioned in romance and folklore that have magic powers. Typically, they can be found living underground or in stone heaps and have a close relationship with humans. From the stories, these fairies use their magic powers for doing kind things. When thinking about a fairy, you’ll probably think of a tiny winged beautiful woman dressed either in white or green clothing and living in fairyland doing wonderful things for humans. However, fairies in the past are not quite like that.

Origin of Fairies

The term fairy was first mentioned back in the Middle Ages. However, in Europe, there are analogues mentioning beings in different forms that appear in oral and written literature. These works of literature can vary from Sanskrit Gandharva to the nymphs of Greek mythology. Even Homer mentions such beings called the jinni (Arabic mythology). Compared to modern literature, the folkloric tradition showed a much more sinister story. The fairies in the folklore were very feared beings. They were both powerful and dangerous that can be mischievous and cruel to humans. However, even in the folklore, these creatures can sometimes be friendly to some humans.

Are Fairies Real?

One university professor, John Hyatt, made a very unusual claim recently. Hyatt claims that he spotted multiple strange beings that haven’t been mentioned by academia before.

Many people mocked and shunned him for his claim, stating that the professor is going insane. To combat this kind of criticism, the professor wanted to capture and show everyone evidence of such creatures. And so, he did.

Hyatt claimed that an entire civilization of fairies lives in the English Countryside of Rossendale. He went there and took pictures of them so he has proof to show to the rest of the world. Hyatt characterizes the fairies with a similar physicality as humans but with a much smaller body.

The proof that Hyatt posted for his claim wasn’t the only time someone has posted a confusing photo claiming that fairies exist. Phyllis Bacon was able to capture a photo of what appears to be a flying fairy in her back yard. She was able to capture this photo in 2009 in New Addington, Southern London.

Additionally, Frances Griffiths reportedly fell into a stream while playing with fairies in 1917. Many reports claim that it’s very hard to resist the temptation of the fairies. If they want something that you can give them, you can’t fight their temptation at all.

Watch this video and decide for yourself. Are fairies real or are they just part of some fairy-tale?


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