Offset is trying to prove his innocence. According to a recent report from Rolling Stone, the Migos member has sought a Los Angeles judge to overturn the $950,027 default judgment that was made against him more than a year ago for allegedly failing to return a rented Bentley.

Offset has filed a sworn declaration in the case, claiming that he never signed the rental agreement, never drove the vehicle, and never even had it in his possession, one of his baby moms reportedly leased it. Offset claims that Platinum Transportation Group was aware that Oriel Williams was the real renter and that the rapper just consented to settle the cost. He stated that when he received a call from Oriel in July 2020 informing him that the car was missing, he “immediately” contacted Platinum.

“I was told by a PML representative that [they] would report the car stolen to the authorities. I did not steal the car, and I reported the car missing to PML as soon as I was advised by PML that the car could not be located. In or about July 2020, I was informed by PTG that the car was reported stolen to the LAPD, and that they were investigating the theft of the car.

I was never in possession of the car, and – to my knowledge – was not listed as an ‘additional driver’ on the rental agreement. I have rented cars from PML in the past, however, and they had both my Georgia driver’s license and credit card on file.”

The Georgia-born father of five also claimed that he assumed the vehicle had been recovered or that the loss was reimbursed by the company’s insurance after not hearing from PML or the LAPD. While he acknowledges that the missing Bentley was worth $177,521, he believes Platinum got its $900,000+ reward by “misleading” the court last year, claiming that he was never properly served the lawsuit and only found out about it last month when his wife Cardi B‘s law firm discovered it in the Los Angeles County Superior Court system.

Offset claims that his lawyers requested a stipulation dismissing the default and default judgment, even promising to pay both sides’ fees related to default filing. But the lawyers allegedly indicated they were “too busy” to address the case for some time.


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