Woman’s Dancing After Getting Hired Now Her Reaction Gone Viral On Internet

Woman’s Dancing After Getting Hired Now Her Reaction Gone Viral On Internet

A video of a woman’s reaction after being hired is the wholesome content you didn’t know you needed today but you do. Shared on Instagram, the clip captures how the woman reacted once she walked outside the office building after getting the job.

Shared by her employer, the video makes for a sweet watch. Instagram user at dakara_spence shared the clip with a simple yet descriptive caption.

“So I just hired this young girl and this was her response,” she wrote. The video shows the woman doing a happy dance and the whole act was captured on a security camera. Check out the video. However, let us wa-rn you that the clip may leave you grinning ear to ear: Isn’t that celebratory dance absolutely amazing! Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 5 lakh views and tons of comments. People couldn’t stop gushing over the video.

The woman in question also replied to the post. “I Had To Do It! I thought nobody saw it! I was wrong. Thank You!” she wrote. “I love the fact we all happy for her and some of us dancing with her in spirit. Congratulations to her” expressed an Instagram user. “You go girl,” commented another. “This is so wholesome,” wrote a third.

“Do your dance girl!!! Congratulations to her and thank you for giving her a chance. We have no clue what people are dealing with, and from seeing her joy, this job was possibly her saving grace,” commented a fourth. There were many who wrote congratulations to wish her on this new journey. What do you think of the video?

Source & Credit: floridanews.me

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