10-Year-Old Boy Nobody Wanted To Adopt Is Sent To Foster Family – What Happens Next Changed Their Life

10-Year-Old Boy Nobody Wanted To Adopt Is Sent To Foster Family – What Happens Next Changed Their Life

This heartwarming story comes from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. It’s about a boy named Andrew who was in state custody since the tender age of six. He had four siblings, and they were all adopted while no one took Andrew into their family.

His parents were out of the picture, and their parental rights were taken away long ago. This story is about how a happy family found Andrew and made him a part of their beautiful family.

Dominique & Kevin Gill – Two Beautiful Souls

Dominique & Kevin Gill are the heroes of this story, they have two children – Joc & Kynnedi, and they were interested in fostering children. They found out about Andrew in 2018 and wanted to be his foster parents. Andrew was a broken boy at the time, dealing with a lot of past trauma that left him in a bad state. While speaking to Today, Dominique spoke about Andrew:

“During his first week with us, he sat in his room with the door closed and looked at old pictures,”

Their son, Joc, showed a lot of interest in Andrew and wanted him to play with him. Dominique continued: “They’ve been best friends ever since.”

From Foster Parents to Legally Adopting Andrew

The couple never initially planned to adopt Andrew and wanted to be his foster parents, but they felt something change when Andrew’s second adoption didn’t go as planned.

Dominique spoke about how it made them feel:

“Our mindset was we’d help him until he found his forever home.But after the second adoption didn’t work out, I realized God put Andrew in our lives for a reason. God made sure the adoption didn’t work out so he could come back to us.”

He continued:

“From the beginning, Andrew has always said, ‘Thank you for accepting me,’ ‘Thank you for not giving up on me,’”

“People would read his file and get scared away. But I knew he was a good child who had experienced a lot of trauma.”

The beautiful family has welcomed more children and is living a happy life together. You can follow them on their Instagram here.

Source & Credit: relrules.com

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