“I’ll Just Go To Heaven And Play Until You Get There…” 4-Year-Old Boy Promises His Mom Before His De-ath – Video

“I’ll Just Go To Heaven And Play Until You Get There…” 4-Year-Old Boy Promises His Mom Before His De-ath – Video

It has been two months since little Nolan bid adieu to his mother Ruth Sully. Ruth sully has gone through the nightmare of every parent, now she is sharing her story hoping it could bring a change. Nolan has been struggling with a rare form of malignancy called Rhabdomyosarcoma that affects the soft tissues.

On February 4 the four-year-old boy, Nolan lost his battle and leave this world. Sully then took a step to reveal the facts of childhood malignancy, in an ode to her son she shared photo collages of her son.

She states that Nolan always stays by her side during his struggle, he even lays on the bathroom floor while Sully took a shower. In the first picture, Nolan was seen on a bathmat, the picture was taken before he has been taken to the hospital for a hard chemotherapy regimen. The second picture shows the same bathmat but it was without Nolan. It was taken after two months of his loss. “Now, it’s me who is petrified to take a shower,” Scully said in her post.

“With nothing just an empty shower rug now, it was once the pace where the beautiful best little boy waited for his mom.” Sully posted the pictures on April 4, since then Nolan’s story has been shared nearly 620,000 times. “Anyone who has seen their kids lying on the mat before. I think that’s the reason why this picture grabbed this many people, it’s real,” Sully told CNN.

It took Sully two months to bring herself together to share this story, she felt she owed it to everyone who has been following Nolan’s story, Sully said, “He usually reads every comment he received, so I felt like Nolan would have wanted to share his story with his friends.” Nolan’s story received a lot of support and nearly 147,000 people commented their own stories which depict brave kids facing battles like Nolan. She said, “When the sorry grabbed the story granted the attention of so many people, I couldn’t help but think that’s what my son wanted”.

She recalled her days with her son, she describes him as a protector who always helps her. Even while he was in the hospital he would walk out of his room to comfort other children who are crying and scared. His story helps parents around the world to acknowledge their problems in their own life. She said, “Maybe this was my son’s purpose, maybe he is still helping others even in loss.”

Nolan was undergoing treatment for over a year, and previously his tumor has been completely removed but the malignancy eventually reached his lungs. When there was nothing left to do, poor Sully did her best to make Nolan’s final days comfortable. When everything was transparent, Nolan was still optimistic. the little boy also left instructions for his obsequies. Sully said, “I asked him, do you want people to be sad or happy for your obsequies? He starred at him and said,’ ‘why would anyone be sad?’” Nolan has also planned his “will” where he wanted his family to receive hishis cheese balls, favorite stuffed animals, and even the popcorn shrimp he had left in the refrigerator.

The last 36 hours were not serious at all. “We played to our heart’s content, watched YouTube, shot Nerf G-n after Nerf G-n and laughed as much as we could,” Sully wrote. In the last hours together, Sully went to take a shower, and when she returned she found Nolan surrounded by the medical team. Nolan has slipped into a coma and it was the beginning of his life departure. She rushed to her son and something amazing happened, despite having a collapsed lung, Nolan, took a breath and said, “I love you, Mommy.” It was his final words, and in no time he leave this world. Sully finally sang the song “You are my Sunshine” to him.

Sully states that there are two reasons why she shared Nolan’s story. The first one is that others will learn from the legacy he left behind. She said, “Nolan is made of love and goodness, he has always showed love to everyone, he has shown the way how people should be treated and taken care of.” So she hopes that his story would create awareness. Finally, Sully said that she could never forget the words from Nolan’s oncologist who said, “We didn’t fail him, it was the medicine that failed him.” Nolan has finally found rest after his struggle, but Sully is still looking for a cure.

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