Influencer Brags About Her Easy Life In Bali On Twitter, Gets Deported Over It – Video

Influencer Brags About Her Easy Life In Bali On Twitter, Gets Deported Over It – Video

Kristen Gray is a travel influencer from the United States who spent her 2020 in Bali. Recently, she went viral after she posted a Twitter thread encouraging people to move to Indonesia and now she has been sent back to the United States by the Indonesian government.

Gray describes herself as a ‘digital nomad’ who moved to Bali in 2020 and has been living in Bali for over a year along with her girlfriend.


However she caught the attention of the local authorities after her tweets claimed that she was carrying on business in Bali without the correct visa and permission to do so.

In the tweet, she said that the island has been amazing because of the elevated lifestyle she follows, unlike the one she had back in the US.

She says she gets to live in a treehouse at $400 while in LA she had to spend $1300 for a studio house. She says that she has also been able to grow her business in Bali. She also said that Indonesia is queer-friendly, and there is no rac–m.

She also stated that she could help people become an expatriate in Bali for $50 while the Indonesian government had restricted foreigners from coming to the country to avoid the spread of COV 19.

The Indonesian authorities found her tweets to be mis-eading and decided to send her along with her girlfriend back to the US. However, Gray feels she hasn’t done anything wrong but is being sent back because she spoke about the queer community.

Although homos-x-uality is legal in Indonesia, over the years, the country has become very int-lerant towards people from the queer community, which was labelled as an ‘anti-LGBT moral pan—c’ by an international NGO.

Some people said that Gray should have checked the facts before claiming that the country was queer-friendly.

She received differential treatment because she was a foreigner but, that is not the case with the locals in the country. They go through a lot of har-ships on an everyday basis.

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