Cardi B Showed Off The Lavish Baby Gifts Selena Gomez Sent Her Son

Cardi B Showed Off The Lavish Baby Gifts Selena Gomez Sent Her Son

Selena Gomez went all out to celebrate the birth of Cardi B’s second child, her and Offset’s new baby boy. Cardi posted a video on her Instagram Story of the giant basket of presents Gomez sent to her.

“Oh, and I got this beautiful gift basket for son son with this little bear from Selena Gomez,” Cardi narrated, showing off the basket and elephant plushie that Gomez sent. “This so cute, and it’s got treats for me for when I’m rocking the baby to sleep at night, you know, I get hungry in the middle of the night. This is so cute! Thank you, Selena Gomez! You’re so adorable!”

Gomez and Cardi collaborated on “Taki Taki” with DJ Snake and Ozuna in September 2018. The rapper made headlines earlier this year when she encouraged Gomez not to retire from music after Gomez admitted to thinking about it in her March Vogue interview.

Cardi tweeted, “I don’t think Selena should retire. She makes good music & her fans love her. I think she needs one more Era. A edgy one that no one ever seen her as. I would love to give her some ideas.”

Gomez later said in her September ELLE interview that she would always make music. “I don’t think I’ll ever quit making music,” she said, though she added she feels she constantly has to prove herself in that industry. “I’m not saying I want a Grammy. I just feel like I’m doing the best I can, and it’s all about me. Sometimes, that can really get to me.”

Music is more personal than acting, she added: “You’re pouring yourself out.”

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