Never-Before-Seen Security Footage Shows DaBaby’s Fatal Shooting from 2018

Never-Before-Seen Security Footage Shows DaBaby’s Fatal Shooting from 2018

When DaBaby was an emerging artist three years ago, one of the major headlines surrounding the North Carolina rapper was a fatal Walmart shooting he was involved in just weeks before signing his record deal with Interscope Records. The subject was brought up during DaBaby’s interview with VladTV, but both DaBaby and DJ Vlad agreed to avoid the topic because it was still an open case at the time.

A few months after DaBaby’s 2019 interview with VladTV, it was reported that the charges related to the shooting were dropped. While DaBaby avoided concealed gun charges, he was eventually sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation.

The rapper was never charged with the killing of 19-year-old Jaylin Craig, who was shot and killed during a fight that reportedly involved DaBaby and multiple individuals in the store. Around the time of the shooting, DaBaby said he acted in self-defense and claimed he was shopping with two of his children and their mother when someone pulled a gun on him and tried to kill him.

Four years since the shooting and in the midst of superstardom, new security footage shows the lead-up and aftermath of the deadly shooting. The video shows DaBaby charging toward Jaylin’s friend Henry Douglas before the two men get into a scuffle. Jaylin appears to try diffusing the altercation before he is seemingly struck by Mariah Osborne.

Jaylin was shot in the torso as a result of the altercation. The case was never investigated as an attempted robbery and a gun was found on Jaylin. DaBaby’s charges were dropped after a key witness and Walmart employee never showed up to testify. Also, the security video was not shown in court.

The case was closed in June 2019. Look above to view the security footage.

Source: Rolling Stone

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