DC Young Fly Says Chris Tucker Will Reprise His ‘Friday’ Role if He Agrees to Play His Son

Twenty-six years ago New Line Productions released the first installment of Friday. Not only was it the first major film that Ice Cube created and wrote, but it also introduced the world to an unknown comedian named Chris Tucker. The scene-stealing actor captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere with his high-pitched vocal tone and his unique brand of physical comedy. So much so, that it launched his career into stardom and he never looked back.

Since then, fans of the cult classic from 1995 have been anxiously clamoring for his return to the movie franchise and a final portrayal of the character known as Smokey. But in wake of Tiny Lister’s death and the passing of John Witherspoon, that notion seemed more like a far-fetched fantasy, until now.

In a recent appearance on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, DC Young Fly revealed that Tucker propositioned him with the idea of playing his son in an upcoming Friday film. To make things even more interesting, the young comedian claimed that Tucker was so serious about his proposal, that he said it would pretty much guarantee his long-awaited return to the Friday franchise.

“Chris Tucker out his mouth told me…literally this year…He said if I play his son, he’ll be in the movie,” DC Young Fly exclaimed as he sat across from the podcast host. “I promise you, out his mouth, this is what he said to me. He said: If you play my son, I’ll be in the movie.”

To that, Sharpe suggested that if a new Friday film starring Chris Tucker and DC Young Fly is a real possibility, perhaps he should be cast as the new Deebo.

To see DC Young Fly share some insight on a possible role in a new installment of Friday, scroll up.

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