Mother Was Worried After Receiving A Shocking Photo From The Young Babysitter She Hired – Video

Claudia and her two-month-old daughter Ava from Lakeland, Florida want to spend time with each other but like any other working woman, Claudia faces certain difficulties in balancing her work life and raising her daughter. When she called her teenage niece for help she knew it would take time before her niece got used to it.

However, to Claudia’s surprise, she receives a picture from her niece. One day Claudia got a business call and was asked to attend a call from the office with no choice left. She had to leave her 2-months-old daughter at home. Ultimately, her sister suggested that she should ask their niece, J’Ann to take care of the little girl.

At first, mother hesitated as J’Ann is a teenager but with her sister’s encouragement, she agreed. Claudia called J’Ann and asked if she was free on that particular day of the meeting and if she is fine to take care of a baby. J’Ann is one of the 17 grandchildren and prides herself in being the oldest one. She has experience in babysitting her other siblings.

New mom, Claudia, was still nervous about leaving her daughter for a teenage kid and decided to give formal instructions to J’Ann about a few things. And with that, she left Ava with J’Ann and went for her meeting in the office. Claudia at work got a message, her notifications were loading too slow and her heartbeat was running fast, as her immediate thought was that it must be J’Ann. It was taking forever to open the messages and during that moment she was growing more restless and concerned.

Claudia couldn’t hold it any further and wanted answers, J’Ann texted her informing her that she felt hungry so she went to make a sandwich. This text made her more nervous thinking what if the baby was alone. After a while, the photo was downloaded and finally, it was her time to see a clear picture of the situation. And when she saw, her concerns instantly turned to amusement.

“J’Ann knows how protective I am with Ava,” she said. Claudia shared that “J’Ann shared with me that she is making sure she is keeping her eyes on Ava.” J’Ann was quite a mature and smart teenager. She knew that her responsibility was to take care of the child.

As she was hungry and wanted to have a sandwich she came up with a genius idea to keep an eye on the baby. J’Ann placed Ava inside her sweatpants with the help of a waistband. It was this picture that the mother received from her niece.

Claudia went on her social media page and uploaded that picture of her niece along with the caption explaining, “so, I had to run out the house for a quick minute.” “So, I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava.

A few minutes later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight.

Lord sent help; this was her solution. Like really, creative at its finest.”

Soon the post went viral and received thousands of reactions and comments. And has been shared by lots of people for unbelievable times. There were comments regarding the babysitter’s incredible solution.

A user commented, “carried my babies around my h-ip in the 70s. I wish I had thought of this!” Another person commented: “you could make maternity pants that turn into this after.” To which, one account wrote: ” Get a patent on that. I see $$$.”

After reading those comments, Claudia thought of this idea to implement. J’Ann helped Claudia formulate a plan for the pants that would make moms’ and mother-to-be’s lives a bit easier. They even named those pants, J’Pants.

However, they knew their latest idea would demand lots of money. It clearly meant they needed funding for the production of the design. So, they created a GoFundMe page to encourage other people to contribute to their new plan. Sadly, they didn’t receive more funds than their expectations.

However, in the end, Claudia recognized J’Ann’s efforts and supportive nature.

In addition, the viral post assigned her reasons for moving and she felt as though in any circumstance she would have helped just as she did with baby Ava.

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