Crip Mac Responds to The Island Boys’ Open Boxing Challenge to Any Rapper

Three days ago the Island Boys posted a boxing exhibition on Instagram followed by an open call to any and every rapper out there who dared to take them up on a celebrity boxing match. Although the identical twins are more commonly known throughout the globe as the subject of hilarious memes, they are from a region of South Florida that is notorious for gang activity and they have both served time behind bars with some of the most hardened criminals in the area, where they claim to have engaged in numerous fights over the years.

Lately, it seems like Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja have been gaining more notoriety for airing out their grievances with other rappers on IG Live. But now it appears as though the rap tandem has reached their boiling point when it comes to having their manhood challenged by their contemporaries online. So, when they issued an open challenge to any rapper who wanted smoke during a video demonstration on IG, Kodiyakredd made a point not only to show off his technique as a boxer but he even threw in some kicks for good measure. This prompted a swift response from a Los Angeles-based rapper named Crip Mac, who took to social media and said the following.

“Kodiyakredd, Kodiyakredd, Kodiyakredd…motherf*ckin Kodiyakredd,” Crip Mac uttered as he looked into the camera. “Celebrity boxing match! I’ll beat yo motherf*ckin scrawny a*s…let’s get that motherf*cker cracking.”

In response, Kodyikayredd clapped back at C Mac via Instagram stories, “Aye C Mac, you wouldn’t last a day in Florida. [If] you come to Florida, I swear to God, the [two front] teeth that you got missing, I’m gonna make the back teeth miss, ya feel me.”

There is still no word of whether or not a fully sanctioned celebrity boxing match will actually take place between the two rappers. But with the recent news that celebrities like Benzino, Aaron Carter, and Kenny Rock will all be participating in the in-ring phenomenon, this bout would certainly make for an interesting undercard match-up.

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