Netflix Comedian Tom Sagura Takes Shots At Jada Pinkett Smith – “B** Been Bald, Buy A F** Wig””

We do not know who sent for Tom Sagura but in a series of tweets shared on Tuesday the Netflix comedian came for Jada Pinkett Smith calling the Chris Rock Joke ‘tame af’.

He shared a couple pictures of Jada and in a tweet he said: The b**h BEEN bald.

Jokes about it or her are FINE. It was tame AF. You super sensitive about it? Buy a FU**IN WIG.

Then he came for Will:
F*ck Will Smith’s candy ass smacking a dude 4 inches shorter and 50lbs lighter.

He’s just in his feelings cause his bald headed b**ch been f**n around on him for years and he takes it. We all know who he wishes he could slap. #CuckWill

He isn’t the only comedian speaking out about the slap situation in support of Chris Rock but at least they didn’t choose to disrespect Jada in the process.

David Spade shared his opinion:

and Tim Allen spoke out as well.

Adam Sandler simply showed his support:

Here’s the thing, ‘slap gate’ has many many opinions, some in support of Will and some in support of Chris but it’s the gross disrespect of Jada Pinkett Smith that we cannot get past.

It is ironic that the very thing Will was trying to shut down according to his speech and later in his apology has invited even more direct and disrespectful attacks on his wife than ever before.

Twitter was not here for Sagura’s comments.

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