No Jail Time for Mom Who Pleaded Guilty to Mu*dering Daughter, 5, Who Weighed Just 7 lbs. at De*th

Investigators determined Kylie Mickens’ cause of death to be “dehydration and malnutrition due to medical neglect,” according to reports

A Georgia mom accused of starving her daughter to death will not serve time in jail.

Instead, a judge sentenced 30-year-old Porscha Mickens of Buford, Ga., to 20 years of probation on Tuesday, after she accepted a plea deal on second-degree murder and child cruelty charges, per WSB-TV.

According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, Porscha and her husband, Jerrail Maurice Mickens, 32, were arrested in October 2020, four months after their 5-year-old daughter, Kylie Mickens — who weighed approximately 7 lbs. — died at an Atlanta hospital.

After an investigation and an autopsy, detectives determined Kylie’s cause of death was homicide — more specifically, “dehydration and malnutrition due to medical neglect.”

In November 2020, Jerrail died in a motorcycle crash while out on bond, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

In court, Assistant District Attorney Anna Fowler argued that Kylie was “looking like a mummy” when she died, according to The Gainesville Times. She reportedly weighed less than 6 lbs. at birth and about one pound more at her time of death.

“She was admitted to the hospital, at the report of every doctor who saw her, suffering from the worst case of malnutrition and dehydration that the doctors at [Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta] had ever seen,” Fowler said, per the outlet.

However, the defense argued that Kylie’s death was due to 1p36 deletion syndrome, a rare chromosomal disorder which causes intellectual disability, abnormalities of the skeleton, weak muscle tone and difficulty swallowing, according to the National Institutes of Health.

According to WSB, Porscha took the stand and said that due to her daughter’s condition, she both gained and lost weight on a day-to-day basis.

“I didn’t realize she was dying. [When] her body shut down, I had seen that before, so I didn’t think that she was dying,” Porscha reportedly testified.

Friends and family members claimed she provided care for her daughter and had taken her to more than a dozen medical professionals, according to the station.

While the defense argued for 25 years of prison time, Judge C. Andrew Fuller ultimately handed down a sentence of probation, only.

“The court can only hope that you will suffer a greater punishment simply by that fact than any punishment that this court could impose on you, the fact that you lost Kylie and will not have her in your life for the rest of your life,” Fuller said, per WSB.

“It should go without saying that the court’s sentence does not lessen the value of Kylie’s life,” he added, according to The Gainesville Times.

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