RHONJ: Margaret Says Cast is ‘Disappointed’ in Teresa After Reunion Taping

Margaret Josephs is revealing how “disappointed” The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is in Teresa Giudice’s behavior at the season 12 reunion.

Margaret Josephs is revealing how “disappointed” The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is in Teresa Giudice’s behavior at the season 12 reunion. Margaret and Teresa spent the season at war over Margaret’s questions about Luis Ruelas’ past. Teresa wasn’t feeling all the probing and took that energy to the reunion show taping. But it looks like all Teresa managed to do was upset her co-stars and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Margaret was the only one bold enough to ask Teresa about her boyfriend’s questionable past. All eyes were on Luis as the new face and the first man Teresa’s dated since divorcing Joe Giudice. But Luis comes with baggage in the form of upset exes who accuse the New Jersey businessman of being a “sex-obsessed” narcissist who demanded intimacy at least four times a day. One of Luis’ exes even sued him over claims of being “punished” whenever she denied him sex. When asked about the allegations on the show, Luis denied the claims saying all of his exes were just bitter and jealous that he moved on. Teresa even insinuated that Margaret was the one reaching out to the exes and leaking information to the press.

The season 12 reunion trailer teased the shade-throwing showdown between Margaret and Teresa. The Macbeth Collection owner says Teresa put on a show that rubbed her castmates the wrong way. “I feel [the other Housewives] are disappointed in her,” Margaret told ET. “I think we saw a side of her that wasn’t very… she’s not the Teresa we all knew and loved, let’s put it that way.” Margaret even claims Teresa’s fan club the “Tre huggers” will also be “yelling timber,” after watching the reunion. Teresa is known for being defiant against any type of opposition. But Teresa couldn’t escape being grilled by Andy Cohen about her fiancée. The trailer highlighted a few of the probing questions Andy asked Luis.

Margaret believes Teresa “can’t take responsibility that all this stuff came out,” she said. Season 12 saw Teresa storm out and flip tables over Luis. Margaret was on the receiving end of Teresa’s wrath this time around. But she notes that all the information about Luis was “public record” and in the press since last year. Once Teresa and Luis made their relationship public, it didn’t take too long for Luis’ past to surface. It was his ex-fiancée Vanessa Reiser who made the shocking punishment claim in a 2020 lawsuit. Vanessa claimed Luis would treat her horribly whenever she denied him intimacy. Her suit was eventually settled out of court on undisclosed terms.

Season 12 also saw Luis attend a questionable men’s retreat where he was seemingly forced to apologize for his womanizing ways. Luis might’ve made it through the season denying the claims, but it’ll be hard to lie to Andy Cohen. Margaret and Teresa are clearly on the outs after a tumultuous season. However, Teresa appears to be at odds with her other friends and family on the cast. If Teresa has little to no friends after the reunion, fans will wonder if the OG will return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13.

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