Willow Smith’s “‘Letter to Tupac” asking him to make Jada happy goes viral

Not much time has passed since the night of the most recent Oscars where Will Smith has walked up onto the stage, and slapped Chris rock across the face in front of everyone in the audience, and every person watching on their televisions at home. This shook the world, and everyone was in shock over the actor’s behavior, and everyone had a lot to say about it. Now with his name in the highlight of everyone’s mind, his daughter is now taking over that shine thanks to a letter that she wrote to the rapper, Tupac before he died.

The Letter to Tupac
“Dear Tupac, I know you are alive somewhere. I think my mom really misses you. Can you please come back? You can come back so Mom and I can be happy! I wish you were here… I really do! Love, Willow.”

If this were written for anyone else it would be seen as an endearing compilation of words by a young girl. But, many people all over the internet, including other celebrities had a few queries.

Why Did Willow Write to Tupac?
According to Jada, she was extremely close to Tupac right up until he died. They met as teenagers and they remained just as close for many years after.

Speaking about Tupac, Kada said he was “one of my best friends. He was like a brother. It was beyond friendship for us. The type of relationship we had, you only get that once in a lifetime.”

Naturally, people wondered whether or not they had ever been an item, but Jada insisted that this was not the case and they were destined to be great friends. However, love can come in many different forms, as is clear by the closeness of the two. When Tupac died, Jada said his death was, a “big loss in my life.” And Willow said, “In the minds of the next generation, he’s a god.” This is a big statement, but he was a rapper of great talent so it is to be expected.

Of course, people are now wondering why on earth Willow is writing a letter to Tupac, but if you see the picture of the letter, t was obviously written by a child. Willow was only 11 years old when she wrote the letter so it is by no means recent. This confirms the friendship between Tupac and Jada was strong, and not secretive, because even her children were aware of their connection, and Willow clearly shared her mother’s fondness.

What Does Will have to Say?
Having just recently made the headlines by slapping another celebrity across the face, Will Smith is being closely watched for his reactions. Naturally, the world wants to know what Will has to say about his wife and Tupac’s close relationship. And thankfully, Will wrote about this in his memoirs. He was very honest about his feelings over their bond, he wrote, “In the beginning of our relationship, my mind was tortured by their connection. He was ‘PAC! and I was me … though they were never intimate, their love for each other is legendary.”

Will went on to explain how he had envied their connection, and he highlighted Tupac’s “fearless passion”, and “militant morality”. He said that this triggered a lot of memories of his father and how he was unable to stand up for himself against him. But he didn’t have to worry about that for too long, as he wrote that he was happy that Jada gradually spent less and less time with the famous rapper the closer she got to Will.

Will also wrote, “If she chose me over Tupac, there was no way I could be a coward. I have rarely felt more validated. I was in a room with Tupac on multiple occasions, but I never spoke to him. The way Jada loved ‘Pac rendered me incapable of being friends with him. I was too immature.” But then he later wrote that he “could never open himself up to interact with Tupac”, which goes to show his indifference.

Will’s Explanation
This is a completely relatable situation, many people would not know how to feel or react if they were in Will’s shoes. He opened up in an interview with the Breakfast Club, explaining why he was never able to be friends with Tupac.

Source & Credit: secretlifeofmom.com

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