Jada Pinkett Smith, 50 Wants To Learn How To Love, Claims She Doesn’t Know What Love Is – Video

Jada Pinkett Smith, the Red table talk host wants to learn how to love. She is best known for making alienating comments on the online show. Several crazy moments have been encountered in the show and most recently on Jada’s 50th birthday celebration episode, she revealed her bucket list which comprises understanding better about love.

The Show was launched in 2018 by Jada on Social Media. Ever since she has been redefining her identity through the show. She has been offering a treat to her fans by revealing most about her which stuns and illuminates many people.

She also opened up on her entanglement with August Alsina, the R&B singer. In one episode of Red Table Talk, she was seen sitting with her husband Will Smith and discussing their marriage and br-eakup covering 20+ years. She told Will “I was done with you” to which he answered, “Marriages have that, though”. The couple has been married for years and was an inspiration to a lot of couples. They were blessed with two children and shared a lot of lovely moments together.

Apart from Jada’s relationship with Will and August she also shares a complicated bond with Tupac Shakur. She and Tupac were childhood friends, they met in High school and developed a deep bond. They were so close that even during a stint in Rikers Island, he used to send poetry and letters to her. Their relationship affected her daughter Willow, she once wrote a letter begging him to come back and highlighting her mother’s love for him.

Despite her 20+ year’s marriage with husband Will Smith, she still can’t acknowledge what true love is. To be honest, she doesn’t stress romantic love. However, during her 50th birthday, her friend Arsenio Hall wished her Happy Birthday and reminded her that her husband performs skydiving for his 50th. She said, “What’s on your bucket list? Will jumped out of a helicopter on his 50th birthday. What are you going to do? Happy Birthday”. On hearing her friend’s question Jada immediately shied and when her mother asked does she have a bucket list she replied, “I do but it’s not physical”.

Hearing that her daughter giggled and said I completely agree with you.

Jada further added, “I really want to know what love is. I still cannot understand what love exactly is. I am on a journey of understanding love better”. “So, everything on your bucket list is part of your spiritual journey and path right now” The episode was a success among Jada’s fans, the comment section connected with what she said. One of her fans wrote, “The show is just wow! I have gained a lot of wisdom from all the episodes of Red Table Talk. Thank you and happy birthday, dear Jada”.

Source & Credit: suchanadaily.com

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