Man Sees Stranger Dr-agging Young Girl Down The Street – She Mouths Two Words That Leave Him Cold – Video

A children’s park is located right across the road from the Golf Manor Po-lice Department in Golf Manor, Ohio. One evening, an 11-year-old child was playing there. Nearby, the as**ilant waited for her to leave before grabbing her by the wrist and yanking her away from her home. “Yes, it’s rather odd.

And if you watch the footage, you can see people coming and leaving indicating that the park is bustling with activity.

As a result, it came as a complete surprise,” said Golf Manor Chief Christopher Campbell. The guy persisted in dr-agging the child down the road. Two passers-by took note. As she was being dr-agged past the girl noticed them and sh-outed the words “help me” multiple times.

Nazier Elahee came to a halt in front of them and enquired whether she was all right.

“No,” she said. After then, the man fled. Nazier Elahee dialled 911 and then pursued the suspect, who was apprehended by officers. He stated that he is the father of a kid and that he cannot envision his daughter not returning home one day. “No parent should be concerned about their child going to the park and not returning.”

Thankfully, this gentleman took the time to assist this young girl. The Golf Manor Department is disturbed that this was not the first time this offender made contact with minors in the neighbourhood. “Hopefully they don’t let that man out again,” Elahee remarked. “There’s no point in asking if somebody spots a kid in dan-ger.” Even while we depend on our city officers to keep us all safe, they can’t be everywhere, therefore we must expect community people to act responsibly when the opportunity arises as Elahee did.

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