Mariah Carey Confirms “The Roof” Duet With Brandy

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that vocal powerhouses Mariah Carey and Brandy were joining forces in some way. The Vocal Bible was invited to what Carey calls “The Lounge” to record a collaboration, and fans have now learned that they were transforming Carey’s 1997 classic, “The Roof,” into a duet.

The Queen of Christmas confirmed the news on Tuesday (April 12) via an Instagram Live she hosted celebrating the 17th anniversary of The Emancipation Of Mimi. While wearing an evening gown in a pool, the elusive chanteuse confirmed the duet will be part of her forthcoming Masterclass series.

“One of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written and one of my favorite female artists and friends. She is incredible and I love her and we have a total moment on Masterclass,” Carey said. Brandy confirmed the exciting news by responding with a simple butterfly emoji.

Premiering on Thursday, April 14, Mariah’s Masterclass, titled “Find Your Voice With Mariah Carey,” will teach fans how to use their voices as instruments. “I’m super excited to share what I’ve been working on: my first-ever class on the voice as an instrument. You’re up next, and you’re going to rock this!” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram promo as she and fans sang along to her 1995 hit, “Fantasy.”


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When working with Mariah, Brandy shared with Rated R&B, “I can tell you the experience was so beautiful. She’s breathtaking, number one. She has a beautiful soul. For her to be Mariah Carey, she’s just normal, chill, [and] supportive. When I was in the booth, doing whatever she wanted me to do, it was just beautiful to be coached by her. Like, this is one of my favorite singers—top two. Whitney [Houston], and then it’s Mariah. I’m just glad that she invited me over to just sing with her, and we’ll see what happens. I loved working with her. That was a dream come true.”

Watch the video for “The Roof” below.

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