Las Vegas Raiders Owner Mark Davis Says He Would Love To Have Colin Kaepernick On The Team—“He Deserves Every Chance In The World”

It’s been several years since Colin Kaepernick played in the NFL, but that has certainly not stopped those who still hope to see him back on the field one day—and that now includes the owner of one of the top teams in the league. Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis recently stated that not only would he love to have Colin Kaepernick be part of the team, but that he “deserves” it.

@Deadline reports, while being interviewed earlier this week by NBC Sports, Raiders owner Mark Davis had extremely kind words and high praise for Colin Kaepernick—while sounding hopeful that he would one day suit up wearing the team’s black and silver colors. “I believe in Colin Kaepernick. He deserves every chance in the world to become a quarterback in the National Football League. I still stand by it. If our coaches and general manager want to bring him in or want him to be the quarterback on this team, I would welcome him with open arms,” he said.

However, he wasn’t done speaking about Kaepernick, adding that he’s “misunderstood”:

“I think Colin is a very misunderstood human being. I’ve gotten a chance to talk to him. I never really knew Colin, and I didn’t understand him. I didn’t understand the kneeling, what that meant initially. Over time, I have learned a little bit more about it. I understand [now] where he was coming from. He’s got a message for society as a whole.”

Mark Davis ended his statements by saying “Colin Kaepernick has sacrificed a lot of the things that he could have been doing in his life to get a message across about police violence and equity and inclusion in America. I stand by that.”

You’ll recall that Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016, when he decided to take a knee during the national anthem to protest racism and police brutality.

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