Venus And Serena William’s Half-Sister Slams New “King Richard” Movie Says Their Dad Is Not A ‘Dad’

The movie ‘King Richard’ so far has excellent reviews, however, there is one person who isn’t happy about the film.

King Richard focuses on the life of Serena and Venus’s dad and according to one of his other daughters Sabrina, her father was a serial cheater.

She went to THE SUN and gave them an exclusive about what she really thought about her father.

Calling him a ‘JUST A SPERM DONOR’.

Over the course of their childhood, Sabrina remembers Richard turning up just once at the doorstep when she was ten and then spoke to him again at college.

she said:

“I know there are more siblings, I was told between fifteen and nineteen all over the place, from LA to Louisiana,” she told The Sun.

“My mom always argued with my dad about his affairs, he was a serial cheat. I remember that was always the main thing they’d talk about.

“He is a selfish man, lives only for himself, he just uses his kids to get what he needs. He’s not a dad, he was just a sperm donor. He had five kids, and left them to my mom to grow up in poverty, and never once helped.”

“I had two childhoods, the childhood from one to eight was fantastic,” Sabrina recalled.

“But once he left, within a year, we became very poor. There wasn’t always meals on the table. We went downhill.”

“In my teens, I was always thinking about suicide, I tried it once, it was always with me, and it was about my dad, I had mental health issues.”

“Somehow I got hold of my dad through a relative and asked for $1,000 to pay some of the college bill at Hope Christian University,” she said.

“He said he’d only give me the money as a loan. That’s when I knew he was an a**hole.

“After college, I was done with my dad. He had never paid any child support and all he wanted to give me was a loan.”

To save face with friends, she’d pretend they all got along.

Sabrina added: “I’d say I was still in contact with my dad, we went on vacations, but it was a lie. The unwritten law in our family: you don’t speak bad about the girls, who were then living in Compton.

“I didn’t meet Serena and Venus until I bumped into them by complete chance at Knott’s Berry Farm, a theme park in California, when they were teenagers.”

Richard’s first wife Betty died of breast cancer in 1998.

Sabrina said: “She needed some medication for the cancer, and it was too expensive for her to pay for it. I reached out to my dad, but I couldn’t get hold of him.

“He had no interest whether she was dead or alive. It was utterly mind-numbing that my dad couldn’t even come to my mom’s funeral.”

She would hear from her dad every now and then, but it was after having the first of two sons – Elijah, now 21, then Solomon two years later – that their relationship completely broke down.

“My siblings called me and said that dad is at Indian Wells with the girls playing in a tournament and he wants to speak to you.

“When he called, I said: ‘What do you need, dad?’ He said: ‘I love you.’

“No you don’t, what do you want? Don’t try this love thing.

“The girls are playing here, why don’t you come down, you’ll get the good seats, see the girls, then the reporters can take the pictures.

“It was typical him, he wanted to make it a PR opportunity, but I never wanted to meet the girls for publicity or money, only in private.”

“I always believed in my heart that my dad would come back to get me.

I think I was really disappointed my dad didn’t choose me,” she added.

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