Woman, 20, Falls Preg-nant By One Of Her Four Partners – And They’re Going To Raise The Baby – Video

Tory Ojeda is a 20-year-old from Florida, who has been in a Pol-am-rous relationship for sometime now. She is now expecting a child from one of her partners and said that all her four partners would co-parent the child. She met her first boyfriend, Marc when they were in high school, and a few months later, she got into another relationship with Travis, with whom she even got engaged.

Eventually, she fell in love with two other friends Ethan and Christopher.

A few months ago, she found out that she was pregnant with Chris’s baby. However, all four men have decided to co-parent the child along with Tory. Tory also said that although they are in an open relationship, she is the only one who has multiple partners. She says she would love it if her partners pursued other women because it is hard to manage time equally amongst the four men. Each of them has their bedrooms but they take turns to spend the night with her.

One of her partners, Ethan, said that there is a factor of jea–usy involved, and he was also jea–us in the beginning. On finding out about the pregnancy, based on the approximate conception date, Tory figured that Chris was the father of the child, since around that time, they had been on a vacation.

When asked about being a father, Chris said that it’s interesting since he came from a monogamous family, and this was something new to him. He said that although his parents haven’t approved of the relationship, his friends think it is cute. He also added that since pol-am-ry is a very rare thing, his parents are still trying to come to terms with his relationship.

However, Ethan’s family is very supportive of the relationship, and so is Tory’s brother Alistair, who said that although he is very protective, he is more concerned about her being happy with her partners. Tory says that she has been faced with negative comments when she goes out, and people give her weird looks but, she hopes that in the future, people would look at as a very common thing and not make a fu-s about it.

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