Danny Boy Questions If Snoop Dogg Hasn’t Worked With Him Due to His S–uality

Snoop Dogg has been on a campaign to bring back Death Row Records and recently removed all of Death Row’s catalog from DSPs. Now, former Death Row artist Danny Boy has spoken on the move and noted that he doesn’t have much of a relationship with the new Death Row Records head. While speaking to The Art of Dialogue, Danny Boy questioned whether he and Snoop haven’t worked together due to his sexuality.

Danny Boy went on to say, “Snoop never really reached out to me. They never really accepted me like on a…as one of the Death Row artists. So, you know, I guess I’m more of The Row artists than anything, but I didn’t hold my breath when he said the people he was gon’ take care of. I heard him say some names that I didn’t even know was on Death Row.”

The former Death Row artist said, “I’ve never done a record with Snoop. You know what I mean? I’ve seen people tell Snoop, ‘Man, do a song with Danny Boy.’ That’s just something that—I don’t know why that never came to pass. At first, I thought it was because of my sexuality. I’mma say it. I’mma go to that. That’s the first thing I have to go to because that’s the first thing people bring up. Then, he ain’t got nothing but sissies on [his gospel album]. Oh, I’m not supposed to say that, but he has nothing but…he’s got really gay people. Gay gay people on the album. It’s just a thing of, maybe I’m just not the type of singer he likes.” Take a look at his complete statement above.s

Source & Credit: vladtv.com

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