DC Mother Stabbed to Death By Child’s Father After She Admitted to Tossing Their Baby in the Trash

Early Wednesday morning, LaDonia Boggs was found dead inside a Washington, D.C. apartment after being allegedly stabbed to death by the father of her 2-month-old baby, whom she reportedly confessed to dumping out in the garbage after claiming he died in his sleep.

According to a news release from the Metropolitan Police Department, police responded to the incident at around 3 am when they found Boggs “suffering from an apparent stab wound.” Although DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services were dispatched, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police arrested Carl Jones and charged him with second-degree murder while armed.

Before Boggs’s death, she was charged with felony murder in the alleged death of their infant son Kyon Jones last year. Prosecutors dropped murder charges in favor of tampering with evidence, and she was still awaiting trial.

A missing person advocate allegedly recorded Boggs admitting that Kyon died while sleeping in the bed with her.

The last thing that I remember was that I had rolled over, and he was on my chest,” she said. “After that, when I was ‘sleep, rolled over, noticed he was unresponsive — breathing — and I panicked.”

“He was ‘sleep on my chest, and when I woke up, he wasn’t breathing anymore because he was just that small,” she continued. “He was only two months old. He was a premature baby.” Boggs then admitted wrapping her baby up and throwing him in the trash.

Before seeing her son’s lifeless body, Boggs allegedly informed authorities that she had consumed PCP. Surveillance video shows her throwing away a car seat, plastic bag, and cardboard box in a dumpster at her apartment complex, which led to the tampering accusation.

Source & Credit: balleralert.com

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