Mom Wakes Up And Finds Stranger Giving Her 2-Year-Old A Bath In Her Home In The Middle Of The Night – Video

Aerica Hill is a young mother from Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio. Hill recalls the incident when she found an int-ru-der with her two-year-old son. She remembers waking up in the middle of the night and finding a lady who was holding her son and preparing to bathe him.

Narrating her experience, Hills told NBC4 ‘I get up and I walk to my door and the way my house is set up, I can look down the hall. ‘I see a white female lady, bent over the tub with my two-year-old in the tub.’ Hill said she immediately got hold of the intr-ud-er in her home.

Later, the int-ru-der was identified, 22 year old Elizabeth Hixon. Hill with the help of her boyfriend capt-iva-ted Hixon until the officers arrived. Hixon was charged with burglary over the bi-za-rre bre-ak –in at the home in Franklin County, Municipal Court.

In her defense, Hixon stated that she entered Hill’s house with good intentions. She was just providing care to the little one who she found outside his residence.

Hixon’s mother was in support of her daughter’s misdeeds. She told the television station that her ‘daughter had good intentions and that ‘her heart was in the right place.’

Hixon’s mother even ac-cused Hill of being inse-ns-itive and hard-hearted. In her daughter’s defense, Hixon’s mother felt that Hill was just overreacting to the events when she stated ‘I would like to see other charges filed against her.’

As of now, even though the affidavit has been filed, the prosecutors have not yet announced any charges against Hixon. They are still awaiting the final analysis from the officers and report on the reasons for the break-in. Hixon has been released from lock-up on bond.

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