Inside Sidney Poitier’s Marriage of 45 Years with Joanna Shimkus Whom He Fell for on Movie Set

Sidney Poitier is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, bringing diversity into the industry back in the 1950s. Behind his success was a controversial personal life, all until he met his wife, Joanna Shimkus.

A Hollywood legend in his own right, Sidney Poitier first rose to fame when he was cast as the lead role on “No way Out.” Over a decade later, he was the first Black actor to win an Oscar for the film “Lilies of the Field.”

While he landed a historic Academy Award for the film, the most important would be his stint on “The Lost Man.” It changed the actor’s life forever, as it was where he met his future wife, Joanna Shimkus.


Poitier wed Shimkus in 1976, over ten years since divorcing his first wife, Juanita Hardy, in 1965. The couple has stood the test of time, having been married for over four decades and counting.

Born in Canada, Shimkus began her career in 1964 through “All About Loving.” She then had a couple of other projects until 1972, when she decided to take a long break from acting.


She did not have any projects under her name until 2010 when she appeared on “Yard Sale” and then “The Force” in 2018. Ultimately, it showed that she took a break from acting to focus on her family.

In 1972, she gave birth to her and Poitier’s first daughter Anika before giving birth to their daughter Sydney the following year. Both children have followed in their footsteps in the industry.


Anika directed “Black Irish,” where Shimkus was an executive producer as well. Meanwhile, Sydney appeared in “Veronica Mars” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof.”

Admittedly, Shimkus did not think acting would be her lifelong gig. Before marrying Poitier, she got into the industry because she believed it was “better than being in an office.”


In the end, she continues to act because it’s something she enjoys doing. To her, it is not necessarily something she has to do to make ends meet, especially with her children all grown up and with their budding careers.

By 2001, he was presented an honorary academy award for his work in the entertainment industry.


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Despite accounts of Poitier’s infidelity during his first marriage, he and Shimkus remain a happy couple up until today. Speaking about how they’ve made it work, he once said:

“There is one key ingredient my wife has helped me to recognize over the years, and that is the importance of articulating love for one another on a daily basis.”


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Meanwhile, Poitier, born February 20, 1927, is an actor, director, and producer. Aside from being the first African American to win an Oscar, he is also considered the first Black movie star.

He was born prematurely in the US while his parents were on vacation from the Bahamas. He grew up on Cat Island, Bahamas, and returned to the US as a teenager to enlist in the army during World War II.


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After a brief stint in a medical unit, he applied to the American Negro Theatre in New York. He did not make the cut due to his accent, so he worked on his enunciation and went back six months later.

At the time, he was accepted, which began a long and fruitful career as an actor. Decades later, in 1972, he ventured into directing with “Buck and the Preacher.”


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Poitier would direct many more films, such as the hit comedy “Uptown Saturday Night.” After directing, he then went back to acting.

By 2001, he was presented an honorary Academy Award for his work in the entertainment industry. He also had a stint as the ambassador to Japan for The Bahamas from 1997 to 2007.


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