(Video) Woman Suffers Skull Fracture After Fainting And Falling Into A Moving Train In Argentina

A young woman might be the definition of lucky after fainting and falling headfirst under a moving train. Despite the shocking sight, she was pulled from the tracks alive and conscious.

Footage from cameras at a railway in Argentina shows the woman stumbling near the stairs leading to the platform. While the train is in motion, she loses her balance, diving into the middle of two carriages. Then, her body appears to slip into the gap between the train and platform.

Woman Falls Headfirst Into Moving Train
The footage began making its rounds just days ago after the Ministry of Transport of Argentina shared it with the media. According to Newsweek, local outlets identified the survivor as 24-year-old Candela. Apparently, Candela was on her way to enjoy food with friends on the afternoon of March 29th when she fell into the moving train. While onlookers gasped and backed away from a sight they might never forget, Candela says she doesn’t even remember what happened.

“I don’t remember anything about the accident. I only remember when I was lying on the ground, with people around me, and then when I was admitted to hospital,” Candela said.

After the fall, the video cuts to clips of the staff and riders pulling Candela from the tracks. She’s placed near the same stairs where she first began stumbling. Her head appears to bop around in a confused state as the video ends.

Surviving Woman Treated For Critical And Lasting Injuries
Following the nearly fatal fall, emergency personnel transported Candela to Alberto Balestrini Hospital. She was treated for multiple critical injuries with lingering complications.

“I had a rib fracture that punctured my liver and I was quite bad, it took me a few days and it was the most dangerous thing I have ever faced. I also suffered a contusion on the side of my head, above my ear, and as a result of that, I can’t hear well. On top of that, I suffered a skull fracture between my nose and my eyebrow,” Candela said.

Candela, who has a two-year-old daughter, is in search of work after reportedly closing her food service business. Now, she faces additional medical bills for neurological exams and treatment for hearing and nutrition issues.

Zenger News published the train incident footage to YouTube on April 19. According to their description, Candela’s fall took place in Argentina’s Buenos Aires Province, specifically the city of Gonzalez Catan.

Source & Credit: theshaderoom.com

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